Father and Son

Father and Son
Their first walk together.

Both T's at the pasture gate

Both T's at the pasture gate
T2 isn't sure about the goats. They look a little scary.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Morning Chores

Nugget the family house dog decided to go outside at 4am. Things were too quiet for her. None of the neighborhood dogs were barking. It was time for her to stir the pot. I have to be honest and say that I was angry as I walked to the back door with my eyes shut. Because of my anger I almost missed a beautiful morning. The yard was bathed in moonlight. The little dogwood tree, which is in full bloom, appeared to glow as the silvery light joined with the bright white blossoms. There was a light fog hanging over the green pasture in front of the house. The world was calm and quiet. It seems that even the animals wanted to enjoy the spell that had been cast over the area. Nugget couldn't find any one to bark with her.

God got me up early so I could get a jump on the events of the morning. Both of the adult girls have to work. C is going to the coffee shop and T1 is baby sitting for a family from our church. So I have house and barn duty today. I am taking N out to the barn with me to work. This may be a mistake, but I don't want him to wake up and cry the entire time I am gone. Even worse, wake my MIL and have her fussing. So with that settled I am going to the barn.

Well, everyone woke up while I was in the barn. The 3 girls came running through the house, screaming at each other and crying because they wanted to come outside with me. This commotion woke up the baby and Grandma. I sent the girls back upstairs with orders not to come down stairs unless the house was on fire. That lasted about 5 minutes.

We have 3 goats in milk. Their babies aren't very old, about 2 weeks. So, most of the milk goes to them. Next week, we will separate them at night and milk the does before putting them back together the next morning. But today, I brought each one out of the pasture and put them on the milk stand for less than 3 cups of milk. Once I finished milking I scattered feeding buckets around the backyard. Then I released all of the does. They ate the grain and then grazed on the tender green grass in the yard. They are better than a lawnmower. They mow and fertilize at the same time.

After 40 minutes they began to roam. They tried to eat Grandma lilies, to go to the neighbors garden, and to slip through the side yard into the front. The last straw came when they jumped the makeshift fence into the unfenced pasture. We have been putting up fence posts to add on pasture. I can only imagine the image of me chasing those crazy goats around the yard with a broom.

Once I had chased everyone back into the fence and locked the gate, I discovered that there was one stray. Our new little doe was dashing back and forth looking for her mother. She was crying and jumping and running into the fence. I had to chase her down. It is a lot harder to catch a baby than a big goat. They shoot through the smallest holes.

After breakfast, I plan to go to the grocery store and over to see Mother. One day soon, I want to send some time with Mother, alone.

Grandma is in the kitchen eating breakfast and writing out her grocery list. she has been very sick and is finally beginning to feel a little better.

While writing this, I decided to go with Grandma to get groceries. That means I have to clean out the Suburban and have everyone fed and dressed by the time Grandma is ready. I have to get off and head into the kitchen. Whew!

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