Father and Son

Father and Son
Their first walk together.

Both T's at the pasture gate

Both T's at the pasture gate
T2 isn't sure about the goats. They look a little scary.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Somedays are like that!

Things have been hectic around here.

Yesterday one of our case workers came for a visit. The weather has been warm, so the children wanted to play outdoors. She came during nap time. The distance she has to travel makes it difficult for her to get here earlier, and she can't get her much later because she has to pick up her own children. She stopped by the school and picked up B about 40 minutes before school was over. We woke the children before she arrived and explained her visit. They get very upset if she arrives unannounced, because they are afraid she is taking them away. B wants to write to her bio mom and ask her some pointed questions. I can't wait to hear the lies! C had been working on T2's hair. Toyia sat down and finished it. She explained the right way to do the little twists. She insisted that C had done a good job. Regardless, the ones she did looks the best. She even redid a few of C's. She stayed and watched the kids play for several hours. I always enjoy her. However, K decided to test the water while she was here. She pushed me several times and ended up sitting in time-out, twice. Toyia didn't seem to mind my discipline method. I refuse to be pushed around by a bossy two year old.

The power was off again yesterday, so we didn't have BBQ last night. It has to cook all day in my crock pot. Instead, I fixed the kids their favorite meal - PBJ sandwiches. After they had eaten, D and I made tacos from leftover taco meat. You should have heard the outcry. I laughed and remind them that they refused to have leftovers earlier. They insisted on PBJ. When will they learn?No power meant that we pickuped and dusted and wiped down the bathrooms. We didn't wash clothes or dishes. No one got baths. The floors didn't get vacuumed. Still, a lot was accomplished.

We keep checking on our goats, especially Cherry, her due date is tomorrow. She doesn't look like she plans to freshen any time soon. She is a prankster. She will look perfectly normal but less than an hour later she will be in full labor and in trouble. She tends to skip all of the pre-labor things we see in most goats and jump straight into the real thing.

N and I were up several times last night with his asthma. B was almost late because I couldn't drag myself out of the bed. I fixed breakfast then realized I hadn't put the roast in the frig to thaw. No BBQ again tonight. But wait! I raced to the store and found a few items I wanted including a Boston butt roast. I had it in the crock pot and cooking by 9:30.

Everyone had to be ready to leave the house by 11:00. T2 had a doctor's appointment and I had forgotten it. Before you say anything, it was on my calendar. But what good is a calendar if you don't read it? T1 had class and no car, so I had to drop her off. It is 15 miles on the other side of town. I had to go to the doctor's office a second time without backup. The first time I only took 2 children. This time I had all 5. It was interesting.

B is having a few issues. She continually analyzes everything I say or do. She tries to point out how unfair things are. For instance, " They already got to go to T1's class and see all her friend's, if they go in today then that will be 2 times." "So, why does that matter?" "Well I will have only been in 1 time. Can't they stay in the car?" Another time it was about the things she wanted: Candy from the $.75 gumball machine, the toy just inside the store entrance, some kind of lotion or beauty product in a neat looking package, a case of Slimfast, a movie, something (anything) Hannah Montana, a ball, a bicycle, a swimming pool toy, a very necessary Barbie, a bright colored outfit, a ball cap, some hair bows, cookies, chips, and some other junk food. Her question was "Why won't you buy me the ONE thing I ask for? Is it because you don't love me?" I wanted to answer, "No, I do love you, however, right now I'd love to choke you." I didn't say that of course. I answered that I didn't have a lot of extra money for all the things she had been asking for. I tried to explain that I was saving extra money for a swing set so everyone would have something nice to play on. That didn't work so I told her that it was my money and I could and would spend it the way I felt was best. Children who continually asked for things didn't usually get anything! She wanted to know why she didn't have her own money. Simple "You don't work!" Just making it through the store was exhausting.

Then home for supper. I had to finish the BBQ, cook the fries, and set the table. Our cousin came to eat with us. Again K tried to dominate the situation by throwing a fit and again she got to sit in timeout. We had ice cream for dessert, every one's fave. I think I crashed after supper. I can't remember much. I hid for a short while then put everyone to bed. I tried sleeping myself. I ended up here, on my computer. I am getting sleepy now. Maybe I can rest.

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