Father and Son

Father and Son
Their first walk together.

Both T's at the pasture gate

Both T's at the pasture gate
T2 isn't sure about the goats. They look a little scary.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Mornings! Ugh!

Hooray! K didn't cry today when we left her at her class while we were in church. This is a major accomplishment. The new children's section of the church looks fabulous.

My heart still hurts, and I want to cry every time I think about church. We expected support from the people there. Instead, we have met opposition from several close friends. Each one has a different excuse for their "helpful" comments. I don't think they realize how hurtful their words are. I'm not sure they actually know the basis for their concerns. None of them were concerned until we brought our 5 very brown children with us to church.

For the record, we followed Perry's teaching. We didn't just step out of our comfort zone; we jumped. It wasn't an easy decision. There was many times I quit. And just as many times God called me out on it. Doing God's will isn't always easy, but it is much better than being miserable doing my own thing. Satan couldn't stop us with fear, so he is trying to undermine God's plan with His own people, a few of the leaders of our church. GET BEHIND US SATAN! Oh well, they will come around one day. In the meantime, we are basking in the love and kind words of the hundreds of well-wishers that are in the church.

After church yesterday, M, C and T1 kept the kids and let Dennis and I go on a much needed lunch date. We had a blast. After just 2 hours to ourselves, we came home refreshed.

Last night I took the children to visit my mom. Taking 5 small children to visit at a nursing facility is not for the faint of heart, no it is for the weak minded! We stopped at the drug store next to the home and bought juice and pretzels to ward off hunger. The first thing that happened was that juice "just spilted by itself." I cleaned the floor. Mother held the baby and fed her. Then we laid her on the bed and watched her try to crawl. The aids came in and raved about the kids. Of course, that gave the older girls a reason to act silly. Then if I didn't think I had been punished enough for my nice lunch, I took them food shopping. They were very good: I had bribed them with the promise of candy.

We came home changed into nightclothes and went to bed.

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