Father and Son

Father and Son
Their first walk together.

Both T's at the pasture gate

Both T's at the pasture gate
T2 isn't sure about the goats. They look a little scary.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A "Quiet" Evening at Home

N had surgery this morning. He is doing great.

We are all in the den. The older two girls are playing a new game with T1, C and L, our Czech friend. N and K are determined to be included. They are sitting in laps and occasionally reach out for game pieces. F is in Grandma's lap. She is happy as long as she is being held. I think she needs to have some food before bedtime; maybe green peas or squash. Dennis is holding 2 kids, baby goats. We bring them inside shortly after they are born to get them acclimated to people. I had to take a short break. One of the little goats needed to go outside for a minute. While I was up, I gave N his meds and put drops in his ears. T1 took the goats back to their mom. The scene in my den reminds me of Christmas. The kids are sprawled in the floor. Dennis is lying on the couch with N sitting on his chest playing with a little truck. Grandma is in her chair holding F, who is squealing. The dog is asleep in front of the fireplace. If there was a fire in said fireplace, the scene would be picture perfect.

The dog found K's shoes that she took off outside and chewed them. They were nice shoes. She will have to wait until after the 16th to get another pair. Her next pair will probably be sandals.

A friend has come over to visit with L. I need to get off and be social.

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